We're Not just sitting on a desk.

Don't get us wrong, we take a lot of time to work on our art and by giving a quick look to our designs we can proudly say they are some of the best when comes to Art inspired in the outdoors and the National Parks. But our passion really comes from exploring the wilderness,  we have been on the road for 2 years now, camping every night in the National Parks and exploring our protected lands to design goods that not only feel great but also connect outdoor enthusiasts across America.

Andres Quintero

I am a Artist embarked on an Epic Quest visiting and illustrating all 60 National Parks of the United States as a full_time nomad. I am literally living in the outdoors, Hiking and illustrating the art that I present to you in our studio.


rachell catterson

Rachel Catterson

My beautiful partner is a talented Artist who I meet in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, and now the two of us are fortunate to always travel and work together. We both enjoy hiking, backpacking, debating the biggest questions of philosophy and making art.

 Why National Parks? They are wild places where you connect with your loved ones, the land, and yourself. We are enchanted by these shared natural places and aim to spread the stories behind the parks through our art. 

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